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Attorney Costs Page

Divorce can be a costly endeavor. Without an attorney who is focused on your best interests it can become overwhelming; however, many ways exist in which Golden & Jernigan can help to control the legal fees you are responsible for.

1. Reduce “Legal Footwork” by providing clear, concise answers to requested information.

2. By providing us with information regarding Bank Accounts, Annual Pension Reports, Stocks, and other financial documentation, you will save us the time needed to acquire this information through either the other attorney or legal processes.

3. A letter or an email is an inexpensive way for you to communicate information about your case.  If you need advice on a current situation, a letter or email allows our team of legal experts to think about your problem before we offer any type of advice.  It can take half the time to review a letter or email than a phone call or conference.

4. You can also save costs when you negotiate day-to-day issues on your own, such as car insurance payments, parenting time arrangements, etc. When our team becomes involved in a minor negotiation, regular billing takes place.

5. You may be able to think of ways for us to work together more efficiently.  If we both weigh the cost and benefits of each task, we can do our best with the available resources.

6. If you have any questions about the cost of a case, we do not charge for time spent discussing these matters. Call for consultation @ (616) 866-3350

Thank you for your confidence and trust in our firm.  Our team looks forward to helping you with your legal matters.

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