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How did you get involved in family law?
When I first began working for Jonathan Golden in August of 2000 our primary practice focus was immigration.  I was hired to facilitate the needs of our immigration clients in the areas of taxation, business formation, estate planning and family law. 

I began handling primarily "quick divorces" so that our immigration clients could marry in the United States.  Word spread throughout the different ethnic communities that I could handle these cases efficiently and in a cost effective manner.  Because of the wide range of cultures our firm represented, I was challenged to explain the United States divorce process to many cultures (i.e. Bosnian, Asian, African, and Hispanic).  Each culture brought forth their own unique needs, demands and questions.  As I continued to practice in the family law arena my reputation grew.  I was asked to take on more demanding and complicated issues. 

Currently, I represent all kinds of ethnic and socio-economic groups with my current case load consisting of 90% family law.

What colleges did you attend?
I graduated from West Catholic High School located in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1988 and went on to attend the Grand Rapids Junior College (now called the Grand Rapids Community College).  I then transferred to the University of Michigan and graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Arts degree in August of 1992.  I then taught remedial English and Spanish classes in Tuba City, Arizona (the four corners region) from 1992 to 1995, where I started my family and became a stay at home mother. 

Tired of teaching and looking to change my life’s path, I decided to enroll in law school and graduated Cum Laude from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in May of 1999.  I have been practicing law since December 2000.

List any achievements in your career that you are particularly proud of?
I was very successful in obtaining a large settlement amount for an individual who was subject to racial discrimination.  Additionally, I have secured asylum (with the help of support staff) for two individuals from Guatemala and I obtained a hefty sum for a client in a social security disability appeal before the Western District of Michigan. 

There are many cases I have handled.  I believe that the majority of cases are victories in their own particular way.  One can never guarantee the outcome of any case and I make a point of giving a worst case and best case scenario to all potential clients.

Concerning family law cases, I am particularly proud of the results in the Carols Torres, Benjamin Allen, Martin Karl, and Christopher Haight cases as I think they are great fathers and deserve the physical custody of their children. 

What hobbies do you enjoy in your personal time?
I love to read, write, and travel.  My children also fill up the remainder of my time and I enjoy them immensely. 

What initially attracted you to the law field of work?
The Matthew Eapen trial televised on Court T.V.   The case in involved a 19-year-old British nanny (Louise Woodward) and an eight-month-old American boy. She was accused of murder and found guilty.  I watched the entire trial and was convinced she caused the baby's death. 

I had just given birth to my first child and I couldn't image such violence on any child.  I wanted to apply my skills to make a difference.  In addition I was disenchanted with the teaching profession and my current living environment.  I needed a change, and it has been a very positive one.  I am very passionate about my work and with helping my clients.

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